Independent and data-driven, our research is the bedrock of our advocacy work with elected officials, City agencies and community groups. Local communities use our reports to inform their neighborhood advocacy efforts, and our recommendations directly impact City open space policies, practices and priorities.

Report Cards
NY4P’s award-winning Report Card series is the only independent comparative survey of park maintenance across all five boroughs. The reports analyze conditions of individual parks and beaches, and offer system-wide suggestions that are routinely used by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation in targeting maintenance investment and identifying citywide needs. Following publication of each report, NY4P conducts outreach in the communities with the poorest-performing parks and beaches to better understand existing problems and work with local stakeholders and the Parks Department on solutions.

Open Space Index
NY4P’s Open Space Index (OSI) measures a neighborhood’s open space maintenance, access, variety and environmental sustainability, generating data on the study neighborhood’s strengths and needs. OSI reports provide elected officials and community groups with an effective tool to prioritize open space needs and advocate for strategic investments. 

City Council District Profiles
City Council District Profiles
provide residents, neighborhood groups and elected officials with comprehensive information about open space resources in their communities. They include a district map of all public open spaces and other quality of life measures, such as health and socioeconomic statistics.