NY4P x NYC took place on April 17, 2017. Thank you to everyone who attended and shared your invaluable feedback! 

2017 is an election year here in NYC, which means it’s more important than ever that we elevate the open space conversation citywide. Join us at NY4P x NYC on Monday, April 17th, as we present our draft election year platform for parks. We'll also unveil our Public Realm Bill of Rights and get your input on what we as a city must do to ensure that all New Yorkers enjoy these rights. This will help shape our election year campaign - tell us what your communities need, and we'll make sure City Hall gets the message. 

Many of you participated in our recent NY4P: Boro x Boro meeting series - we will be presenting our findings and will bring our advocacy recommendations from those meetings to you. Over 120 park advocates shared their open space challenges with us, and from that feedback, NY4P has created a set of policy recommendations for New Yorkers to take action around in the coming year to address those issues. We'll also present our ongoing work on the city budget campaign for NYC Parks, and share ways you can help push for a better budget for parks with us this spring.

We can’t speak up for the people of New York without your voice.